Friday 1 May 2009

I hate coding ..........

If you haven't guessed already I hate writing code. In fact the only thing that I hate more is people who like writing code, or god forbid people who write code just for the fun of it!
With this in mind I've identified a number of statements that you'll never hear me use:

  • Cool code.
  • Fun code.
  • Adventurers in coding.
  • Happy coding.
  • Beautiful code.


  1. Welcome to the blog world.

    I couldn't agree more. People who use fun and code in the same sentence need slapping.

  2. As always I knew you would be on the same wavelength ........

  3. I'm horrified. I've always found coding fun (ouch! no need for that slap :))

    What can be more beautiful than something like

    A = A XOR B
    B = A XOR B
    A = A XOR B

    Swapping two variables over without the need for another variable. Beautiful and cool ;)

  4. Right Geoff – you’re barred mate !

  5. If your going to write code in your own time it should be pointless code. 1000 lines that does nothing.

    String name = "Numb Nuts";
    if(name.equals("Numb Nuts"))name = "Numb Nuts";

    Sorry if there's something to get banned from I'm in :)

  6. If you can beat them ...........

    For (i=0; i<=whatever; i++)
    { DoBoringComputerStuff() }

    Until Your Bored .........