Monday 18 May 2009

A shining example of Japanese Innovation

An article in this week’s Sunday Times caught my eye…….

Those mad little Beckham lovers in Japan have come up with an interesting way of reducing the financial burden on the state caused by immigration.

Now the Japs are never backwards in coming forwards but what they’ve proposed is nothing short of genius!

The plan is to offer any immigrant, regardless of nationality £2000 to bugger off home! That’s it ! Brilliant!

Now if I was the home secretary, when I’d stopped fiddling my expenses for the month I’d get this law passed in the UK only with a twist ……..

What if we could offer £2000 for anyone to sod off – regardless of their residency status?

I’d be more than happy to cough-up for the following:

My boss.
Phil ‘Big Nosed’ Thompson. In fact all ex Liverpool players….
Kerry Katonia
Peter Andre
Tim Henman
Chris Tarrant
Gordon Ramsey


  1. I want my £2000 I buggered off a while ago :)

  2. We'll give you 2000 to not come back :)